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Tracking Your Mobile Learning

Ask the right questions to know if mobile learning is what you need.

You’ve gone through a needs assessment, you’ve identified some training goals, you’ve evaluated your audience and environment, and you’ve decided that mobile learning is the way to go.

Hooray! You’re a big step closer to deploying engaging and effective training, and you’re ready to start the fun part. But wait. The naysayers are starting to catch wind of your plans. They want all learning tracked on the LMS. Your LMS doesn’t have a discernible MOBILE button. What do you do? Here’s Brian Knudson getting a little technical as he talks about why you aren’t hitting a brick wall on this issue.

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The easiest way to describe a mobile-compatible website is no Flash.

If you want your mobile learning to be tracked in a traditional way, meaning it’s launched from an LMS, in that case you really want to start leaning towards building a mobile-compatible website. The easiest way to describe a mobile-compatible website is no Flash. You cannot have Flash on a mobile-compatible website.

All else being equal, you’re basically building in old-school technology. You’re building in HTML, you’re building in JavaScript, you just can’t have Flash. The challenge with HTML and those old-school technologies is that they aren’t as advanced.

In those cases, what you want to do is still build it in those more modern technologies of animation programs and sometimes using Flash, and then build a separate mobile app. An app can be launched on the App Store or launched internally in your corporate environment so that you can keep that same fidelity.

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