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Work Simulation

American Red Cross Workplace Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Training

A virtual world where learners can take the first steps (and beyond) to really saving a life.

Can You Sim That?

The American Red Cross (ARC) identified a need to offer their audiences compelling, immersive training that competitive in the market and gave learners a gamefied course with substantial opportunity for critical thinking and attempt/fail based learning.

This content needed to be adaptable for 7 different courses that incorporated Adult and Pediatric First Aid and CPR/AED training and written for a public, non-healthcare audience.

Making Sims Can Be Simple

Learners explore a virtual world, where they can visit different environments and complete healthcare missions. Missions offer interactive, realistic simulation scenarios in which the player intervenes in an emergency situation to provide care.This narrative structure allows learners to navigate freely between missions within each of the 3 levels as they progress through the course. Each level contains required and optional missions for extra practice.

An arcade/training center in each course offered a handful of skill or fact-check based minigames. This allowed us to introduce a hyper-gamified version of the content and present it in an optional way. The ability to opt in or out of these minigames was especially important to ARC team members who felt that some adult learners may be turned off by the look/feel of a “game.”

Noggin is a great partner. You create a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and getting the work done.

Ken Goodgames

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