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NogginLabs has joined EY.

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The information on this website is accurate through October 30, 2018. It has not been updated to reflect the transaction.
Work Gamification

Delta Air Lines Ready, Set, Jet!

A game that teaches vital skills without simulating the actual job.

Why not aim higher

Delta Air Lines, Inc., needed to update the training for their Reservations Sales department, which was moving from a traditional office-based workforce to an online, work-at-home model. This new elearning paradigm would allow them to continue to build a sense of community between employees while increasing performance and maximizing revenues.

A Plan Takes Flight

Built around the concept of world travel, learners are cast in the role of jet-setting adventurers exploring exciting locations across six continents and learning as they go. During their adventure they practice advanced sales, service, and product knowledge skills while broadening their cultural horizons. They play fast-paced travel games and solve intercontinental puzzles while intricate game mechanics track their progress and achievements at each destination.

With the concept of gamification we thought, how do we change the paradigm and embed learning into a game?

Delta Air Lines

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