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IRONMAN IRONMAN U Coaching Certification Program

A showstopping solution to digitize elite athletic training

A New Way To Train

Industry gold-standard IRONMAN recognized that current technology had changed the way athletes train and the way coaches learn. As a result, the organization needed to move away from the standard certification clinics, conferences, and webinars we were using to educate coaches. IRONMAN U: IRONMAN Coaching Certification Program is a complete online program that teaches endurance sport coaches to apply and retain coaching skills and techniques via an array of expert insight and powerful interactive exercises.

Learn From the Experts

Throughout over 11 hours of online training, coaches explore strength and conditioning workouts designed to be included in triathlon training plans. They learn how to create individual training sessions for the three race disciplines—swim, bike, and run. They also delve into exercise science and sports nutrition content that is specific to endurance athletes.
Throughout the training, coaches have opportunities to manipulate components and interact with virtual athletes that represent the varying skill levels and abilities coaches may encounter working with their own athletes.

Rather than passively reading articles, coaches explore key concepts in a truly interactive experience.

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