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NogginLabs has joined EY.

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The information on this website is accurate through October 30, 2018. It has not been updated to reflect the transaction.
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American Red Cross Development Portal

A user-friendly portal designed for teams to create and customize their own eLearning courses

The power to publish

The American Red Cross was looking for a way to maximize engagement by quickly and easily making new courses. ARC wanted a user-friendly portal to help them efficiently build eLearning on a variety of subject matter to reach more consumers and reconnect with existing learners. NogginLabs and ARC worked together to build an intuitive content editor, with live-updating previews, flexible display modes, easy sharing functionality, back-end file management, white label capabilities, and wide end-user compatibility. This custom development portal helps teams make their own eLearning in a snap.

Great Results Done Quickly

The final product offers an intuitive editing interface for ease of use and a range of customized features. With a flexible design that delivers a great user experience for phones, tablets, or desktops, users can develop instructionally sound courseware quickly so they can begin to educate consumers.

The result is a powerful, intuitive portal with a customized set of features that make it easy to create solid courseware efficiently.

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