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Frontier Co-op Aura Cacia Portal

A brand-forward portal that captivates both associates and consumers

Make It Essential

Frontier Co-Op identified a need to develop new workplace training for wide and diverse range of retail partners and store associates. Retailers wanted to learn more about essential oils, aromatherapy, and the Aura Cacia brand as detailed product knowledge is critical to the sales process. Existing training, however, was unable to keep pace with the rapid growth of the essential oil market and retail partnerships. Not only that, but associates required point-of-need training that can be integrated into existing workflow. And any solution would require effective motivational features to encourage continual use.  

Accessible, organized, motivating

To increase the reach and overall impact of the Aura Cacia training program, NogginLabs’ solution was to create an engaging and versatile learning hub that associates could access at any time, from anywhere, and even use with customers directly on the job. The resulting Aura Cacia Portal offers the impact of in-person training in a flexible online platform. The tablet-friendly, modular approach is accessible quickly during down time or in sales interactions, and it organizes product knowledge into searchable and browsable profiles. It also offers internal and external motivation through games, badging, and real-world prizes. The training and field sales teams promote the portal during their instructor-led sessions as a means of effective, everyday performance support. Quantitative and qualitative results demonstrate success:

  • Achieved 50% of first year enrollment goals in first three months and continues to grow
  • The portal promotes sales floor confidence, and the games, badges, and rewards encourage a deeper engagement with the learning

Retailer sign-up has well exceeded expectations since going live, even though participation is entirely voluntary.

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