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NogginLabs was founded on the notion that custom e-learning design and development is the ultimate horizontal industry. Time and again, each new project, client, and industry proves it. The biggest advantage of the e-learning horizontal is cross-pollinating ideas from two wildly different domains. A restaurant service simulation for iPad may influence a high-fashion online retail challenge. E-learning for financial advisors in a bank could inspire a mobile outreach program for cancer survivors. This variety also keeps the creative folks at NogginLabs fresh. Fresh learning ideas and designs come from a set of constantly changing constraints.

How to overcome c-suite objections to custom e-learning


How to overcome c-suite objections to custom e-learning

Sara Jensen

As nearly 20-year veterans in the e-learning industry, we've heard every imaginable reason why custom e-learning won't work. Some focus on the software itself, like limitations in the workplace technology environment, or the need to update content regularly. Some are more philosophical--believe it or not, clients have told us that they can't push out another e-learning course because the word e-learning has such negative associations for their learners. (Pro tip: give it a different name).Some concerns are very practical, such as time, cost, and resource constraints.

All of these objections (and more!) can be overcome to create an engaging, compelling, and behavior-changing experience for your learners. You can read every one of our blog posts for new ideas about how to make better e-learning, but if you can't sell it up the corporate ladder, you're doomed from the start. That's why we put together a guide to overcoming the top-level objections to custom e-learning

Our guide will equip you to have a frank and honest conversation with your leadership team. If you're ready to build training that will engage your audience and change your business, look no further. 

And hey, if you need more help selling good ideas up the food chain, check out ourguide to overcoming objections to gamification, too.