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NogginLabs was founded on the notion that custom e-learning design and development is the ultimate horizontal industry. Time and again, each new project, client, and industry proves it. The biggest advantage of the e-learning horizontal is cross-pollinating ideas from two wildly different domains. A restaurant service simulation for iPad may influence a high-fashion online retail challenge. E-learning for financial advisors in a bank could inspire a mobile outreach program for cancer survivors. This variety also keeps the creative folks at NogginLabs fresh. Fresh learning ideas and designs come from a set of constantly changing constraints.

3 ways to ace collaboration for custom e-learning development


3 ways to ace collaboration for custom e-learning development

Erin Austin

One of my favorite parts of my job as a Content Producer at NogginLabs is discovering a client’s specific needs and using what I uncover to create engaging, custom courseware. It’s a unique and wonderful process that varies for each project. Each partnership yields wildly different results: Sometimes we make simulations, sometimes we make games, sometimes we make in-depth study guides, and sometimes we make visually rich animations.

After all, each client, each audience, and each course objective has its own personality, methods and goals—and our courses reflect that. My time at NogginLabs has taught me a lot about what makes a successful collaboration. I’ve found that it boils down to three best practices. If both sides of the team (Noggin and Client) are able to embrace these three ideas, we’re going to have an enjoyable and productive journey together.  


What is your end goal? What do you want this e-learning course to accomplish? Can you articulate that goal in one or two sentences? If you can, then we’re off to a great start. Knowing and communicating your high-level goal will help us to achieve ours as well. After all, my goal is to translate your company’s content into engaging e-learning. The more specifically and concretely you can communicate what you want out of the courseware, the faster we’re able to meet and exceed your expectations. 


We’re learning experts, and each of our custom products utilizes the four pillars of e-learning. No matter the subject or audience, we bring a creative, fun, and engaging approach to creating courseware. What is your strength? First and foremost, you know your audience better than we ever can.

Here are the reasons why your knowledge is your strength:

  • You interact with them.
  • You have identified a learning gap or a need for training.
  • You have pinpointed the skills or information they need to acquire.
  • You know their age, their education level, and what gets them excited about learning.
  • You understand their pre-existing familiarity with the material to be covered in the course.

To content producers like myself, this insight is gold. Once we both recognize our individual strengths, we can combine them to create the ultimate product. This takes trust, confidence, and above all, open communication.


Setting a high-level goal for your custom e-learning course is invaluable. However, there are numerous ways we can achieve that goal. Together, we will find the best avenue. The beauty of our collaborative process is discovering the best route to our end goal, together. The course might not look the way you, or we, initially envisioned it. This is because we’re going to send it through review after review, QA, play-throughs, and meet with you along the way to get it just right.  

Basically, we’re not quitting until we’ve given you the very best product. This kind of flexible development yields remarkable products. Together, we are able to make a fantastic product that was inconceivable in your mind, or ours, before we joined forces. Let’s make something together soon!